College-Level Program Welcomes 55 New Students

Submitted by Lauren Randolph on 9/14/2011

The Randolph Academy welcomed 55 new students starting the college-level program at Orientation on September 2, 2011. Current students and grads were on hand to give advice on how to cope with the rigors of college life in the big city.

While talking about where our grads are, it was noted that "Jesus went to Randolph!” (Alumnus Paul Nolan is currently playing Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar at the Stratford Festival. Word has it that the entire cast may be bound for Broadway after their Stratford and San Diego runs.)

After informing the students on how to read the daily schedule and various Do's and Don'ts, the students were assessed and placed in appropriate music theory and dance levels.

The Class of 2013 features one of the largest contingents ever from Quebec and our first student ever from the Yukon.

As for students from the rest of Canada, Ontario leads with 33 students, followed by Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and British Columbia who have 2 students each, and then PEI and Newfoundland who each have 1 representative.

Our international student population is growing as well, with representatives from Jordan, Taiwan, China, and South Africa.

Our entire student population in the college-level program now stands at 57% from Ontario, 7% from Alberta, 7% from B.C., 6% from Nova Scotia, 5% from Saskatchewan, 5% International, 5% International from Quebec, 2% from Newfoundland, 2% from New Brunswick, 2% from Manitoba, 1% from Yukon, and 1% from PEI.

Welcome to all new students and welcome back to returning students. Now, as Debbie Allen once said, "You got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs and right here is where you start paying, in sweat".