Greetings from the Calgary Audition!

Submitted by Darlene Spencer on 2/18/2011

Woke up to balmy 20 below weather (eeeeek) in Calgary and headed downtown to the Epcor Center. We were welcomed by current 2nd term Calgarians Rae Bernavitch and Sara Murray who vounteered to help out at the auds.

Met the all-women group of wanna be Randolphians and after telling them a bit about the program started with a tough combo created by our own 5th term dancin' diva Amelia Hironaka. Acting showed to be the strength of this group. Saw a lovely mono from a play featured at Next Fest (a theatre festival featuring new works that happens in Edmonton) called "Beyond Freedom and Dignity" by Georgia Beaty. Racing with the clock to catch our flight to Vancouver.