Audition Tour 2015: Regina

Submitted by on 2/20/2015

Three provinces in one day!  We started our day at 4 a.m. in Edmonton and flew to Regina where we encountered the first snowfall of the tour.  

We were welcomed with open arms, a pot of coffee, and homemade soup by the Carol Gay and the women at the Saskatchewan Express.  

Met some wonderful auditionees from across Saskatchewan.  Local Tyler Burton, a current 5th term student, met us on the road to help out.  The monologues stole the show today.

The panel went on a Broadway photo shoot extavaganza with some wall art at the studio then jumped a plane to Winnipeg.  Wind chill 34 below!

Tyler Burton's Reflections: Sitting on the other side of the audition panel was a really cool experience. It was nice to see everyone's willingness to dive into the work and take direction without second guessing anything. It was also interesting to think back to my audition experience 2 years ago, and see how far my training has brought me. I find myself noticing things in performers that I never would have thought of prior to studying at Randolph. Things like; breathing, strong intention, nervous tendencies, and of course ARTICULATION. Overall it was really nice to sit back and observe some "fresh" performers, and to see how the work we do at school can be applied. I was also happy to see such a nice turnout from my little hometown!