Now Auditioning for JANUARY 2018!

Submitted by Lauren Randolph on 9/9/2017

We often hear the statement, “Oh, I didn’t know you had a class starting in January!” Then the next question usually is, “What are the benefits of attending a class that starts in January?” So, here it is, folks – the Top 11 Reasons to start at the Randolph Academy in January:
1.      Smaller class size, i.e., fewer people choose a January start, so the class is usually smaller
2.      More individual attention, i.e., with fewer people in the class, you get more attention
3.      Because of the class size, you really get to know your classmates even better, therefore the trust  level is higher
4.      The class is usually quite eclectic, well-travelled, some have already obtained degrees and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the class
5.      The class moves along at a fast pace, therefore you are introduced to concepts earlier
6.      It’s easier to find housing in January
7.      More time to prepare yourself after high school (mentally, physically, psychologically, etc.)
8.      More time to work and raise funds
9.      You will graduate in time to participate in the summer stock season
10.    Your 5th term play is presented at the Toronto Fringe Festival in July every year
11.     Freshly graduated in December, you will be freshly prepared for the auditions to get into the Randolph Academy’s offering for Theatre Ontario Showcase (in January of each year), where 20 recent graduates perform for industry professionals
The deadline to apply for January 20148 entrance is Friday, September 15, 2017;all application documents must be submitted by this date to guarantee an audition slot. Applications may be accepted after the deadline if there is space available.
We will be holding an audition on Friday, September 29, 2017 (preceded by an Open House). If you cannot make the September 29 audition, please feel free to schedule a private audition.
If you submitting an audition DVD, the deadline for application documents is also September 15, 2017. DVD submissions will be accepted until September 29.
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