Rosanna Saracino

Rosanna Saracino is an Italian-Canadian director, dramaturge, educator and costumer designer. She is the Director in Development at the Canadian Stage, and is the Artistic Director for art & lies productions and REDHANDED film and theatre. She has directed upward of 70 productions for the stage, and has co-produced and directed in film and television, including music videos and documentaries. Her freelance work has extended to companies such as The Canadian Opera Company, The Classical Music Conservatory, York University, and Concordia University, and she collaborated with One Yellow Rabbit, as part of the Motel Series for her production of Death; A Comedy produced by REDHANDED. Rosanna was nominated as Best Director by Now Magazine. Directing credits include: Killing Game by Ionesco, No Exit by Sartre, As You Like it and also Antony and Cleopatra, and is known for her adaptations and devised theatre projects. Rosanna will be working on Dario Argento’s latest feature film “The Sandman”, featuring Iggy Pop, and is Assistant Directing Daniel Brooks, for the production of The Other Place by Sharr White, at the Canadian Stage. She is the Head of the Acting Division at the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts.