Barbara Johnston

Barbara is a writer, performer, director and teacher based in Toronto. Writing credits include – with Anika Johnson: Blood Ties (SummerWorks/Edinburgh Fringe/featured on BBC America's Orphan Black), Summerland (with Suzy Wilde; commissioned by Wexford School for Performing Arts; 2015 Toronto Fringe), and Elly's Emotions (2015 Dora nominee, Best Direction and Outstanding TYA Production). Barbara acts in theatre and television and sings in soul bands across the city including The Sean Jones Band. She performs across North America as Ginger Spice in Wannabe, Canada’s premier Spice Girls Tribute Band, and recently debuted as Gwen Stefani in Spiderwebs, the No Doubt Tribute Band. Barbara works in various arts programs and schools across the city, most notably at Wexford School for the Arts and is proud to be one of the choral directors of The Wexford Gleeks (Show Choir Canada Champions, 2011). She is very excited to be back working with the talented and enthusiastic students of the Randolph pre-college program!